Beat the Price

How do we compare prices?

First, we need to be sure that the product is available through a high street competitor or an online-only company.

We need to be satisfied that the product is the same style, size and colour, and comes with the same conditions of sale, delivery times and service conditions we offer.

What if you do find a lower price elsewhere?

If you do find the same product of sale at a lower price at a UK mainland high street competitor, either in store or online, and sold with the same service conditions, you can make a beat the price request. It’s really easy – just let us know by following the 3 easy steps below.

These details will be used to help us process your request for matching another retailer’s price for an item we sell. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

This form will need to be filled out more than once if an additional gate is required.

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